Old Fashioned Hickory Smoked Ham

Schad Meats, Inc. produces Old-Fashioned Hickory Smoked Boneless and Semi Boneless Hams, Smoked Pork Shoulder Butts (Cottage Hams), Canadian Bacon, Hickory Smoked Slab Bacon, and Hickory Smoked Shanks. We take pride in the quality hams and other products we make. We would like to share with you the process and care that goes into every Schad product.


Schad begins by purchasing USDA inspected fresh (uncured) hams. Hams are delivered to us weekly. We expect our suppliers to provide us with the best quality hams on the market.


We then prepare our DISTINCTIVE BROWN SUGAR cure formula, which gives the hams uniform color and the “perfect balance of sweet-salty flavor.” Each ham is then cured by injecting the cure formula into the ham.


All the skin, external visible fat, and the shank bone are removed to produce a Semi Boneless ham. Our bone in hams are put in nets and hung on a smoke house tree. Our Boneless hams are tied back together, put in nets and hung on a smoke house tree.


Each ham is UNIQUE in shape because we do not use molds and we allow each ham to reform based on its natural meat mass. Our bone in hams weight will range from 14 pounds to 18 pounds, and our boneless hams weight will range from 10 to 14 pounds.


The hams are smoked using natural hickory wood chips for four hours, and then cooked until they reach an internal temperature which indicates they are fully cooked and have that “mouth pleasing” texture.


The hams are chilled down as quickly as possible to ensure that we have a fresh and wholesome product. Once the hams reach the appropriate temperate, they are then vacuum packaged and labeled.


Schad’s products are inspected and passed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service. A Consumer Safety Inspector from the USDA is on site daily.


Schad’s hams have been produced for over 25 years. Schad’s hams have been recognized by and have won awards from THE OHIO ASSOCIATION OF MEAT PROCESSORS and THE AMERCIAN ASSOCIATION OF MEAT PROCESSORS. In 1996 the American Association of Meat Processors awarded Schad’s Bone In Ham as the National Champion.


Schad Meats, Inc.'s mission is to produce the best tasting products every day. Our processing philosophy is simple. Purchase the highest quality fresh pork available, use a precise formula, and consistent processing practices. Schad products are never “water added” therefore providing the best meat flavor and best overall value.


Our distribution philosophy is to deliver product weekly to our customers, and sell only to food retailers who also believe in selling the highest quality products available.

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